Saturday, August 13, 2011

new holiday buys

Im back from holidays today,so im gonna show of the toys i bought in bulgaria,all the stuff was 20 euro

Old school and new style pick up trucks
streach limo
london emergency services

this plastic garage needs some paint, i think i will use it as storage units


  1. Nice buys Shinto, like the limo, would work well with some VIP scenarios...

  2. Very nice find. Old school pickup is my favorite of the bunch. It needs some rednecks to put in it or do you have some of Westwinds Good Old Boys.

  3. brummie,i dont have any good old boys,but i want my star to be a middle aged nam vet farmer,so this will be his pick up,im on the look out for a good mini to use

  4. Looking pretty good. I must concur..the old school pickup is by far the best!

  5. I too love the old school pick up truck. I'd like to see more pics of the garage. Perhaps when you give it a lick of paint?