Friday, September 30, 2011

Fire and Rescue

So another Tesco set, the car and truck are the same models as the construction set, they just have a different colour schem, the fire truck has some nice detail on the side, that i like

Heres my collection of fire services models. I finally got some printer ink yesterday, so I'm working on finishing my motel and diner, then i want to start putting a fire station together, so i should have some pics of the complete diner and motel up next week


  1. Nice buy, I was going to get some emergency fire vehicles but what stopped me was the lack of fireman miniatures....?

  2. Now you are just rubbing salt into injury showing off your flash vehicles ;-) (said in jest just in case you read it the wrong way).

    Very nice, and if I turn a darker shade of 'envy green' I might be mistaken for a zombie!

  3. Very nice looking vehicles, they'll look great in any zombie scenario. Especially early ones, as firecrew's respond to panic calls.

  4. Very nice Set there. I saw some in B&M today but they look a little large and i didn't have a fig with me.

    Only fireman figures i can think of is done by mega miniatures but they aren't great. Or that mad dude from Hasslefree in his undies