Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FEMA, Mobile Field Clinic

I was watching the walking dead a few days  ago and this idea sprung to mind, the main clinic building is the large mobile home from Stoelzels Structures fantastic trailer park set, the red cross tent is from Dave Graffens field tents set, i gave the tent an inside by printing the tent twice once with red crosses and once without and backing them with mounting board, one side of the roof can be removed for access. The props are from various Stoelzels Structures and WWG sets.


  1. Very imaginative, the main building is deceptively large; your internal detailing looks great too.

    1. Thanks mate, it does look bigger on the inside

  2. Bloody lovely job, I love the work.

  3. Brilliant inspirational work Shinto - bloody well done that man!

  4. Shinto, you are a man after my own heart as you mix and match elements from different companies. I absolutely love what you've done here.