Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stoelzels Structures Fire Station

So here's my take on stoelzels structures fantastic  fire station kit . This model took me a long time to complete, because i have been so busy with work and family matters . But with that said i think it is safe to now let you all know that my wife is pregnant with our second child, so i am one happy war gamer, so now things are starting to calm down on the family front, i seem to have a lot more time for hobby stuff and i have two card terrain project on my table stoelzels structures Big Box and a video rental store based on Carls food market model.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gamescapes ruined offiice block (post office)

So here's my latest build its the ruined office block, the first printout terrain from game scape, the PDF is free to members of back stage at the beasts of war web site. The first thing i noticed is that the building only has three corners, i guess the reason for this is it was designed for 40K and space was left for vehicles to enter for cover. The model looks like it has taken a pounding in a war zone, but for ATZ purposes we can pretend it has been destroyed by a natural gas explosion, some thing that would be very common during the zombie apocalypse. The models is pretty big the foot print is 40cm x 40cm and the wall are 28 cm at the highest point

This set is designed to be mounted on foam board/core and uses
stoelzels structures style rabbits for the wall sections, i am a big fan of this type of build it saves messing around with tabs that have to be glued under your walls it also makes for fast sturdy construction , but i did use mounting board for the base and gates.

I added the Mayhem central post office sign from WWG this seems to suit the building well, some of the letters have fallen of the sign and give it a destroyed look,  i can change the sign any time with blue tac or remove it if i want