Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Realistic roller shutters

I started my fire station tonight and was trying to think for a good way to do the roller shutters, this is what i came up with, i used Bryan's open and closing door idea but i cut the door in to sections and hung it from the top, i used magnetic strips to beat the gravity problem. I hope you all like it

Classic 80s Aecade

My guess is the model is based of Flynn's Arcade from the movie Tron

Here's some pics of my Stoelzels Structures classic 80s arcade.I really enjoyed this build the 
sliding secret door was  a pleasure to put together i even left out the open and closing tabs for a more realistic look, i can still work it with my finger and thumb, i all so backed each side of the secret door wall with mounting board for a more sturdy finish, although i had to widen the rabbits to receive the thicker wall section,but that was not much of a problem.

I all so modified the stairs slightly the steps were very narrow so i omitted the front of each step, now i can slip a minis base under a step to hold it in place on the stairs.  I added a water tower from WWG to the roof, and i had to cut out a small piece from the roof access lid so the door could open and close.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Parking Lot

With advice from Vampifan to switch from streets of Mayhem to streets of legend ground tiles tonight, i started to make some up, i noticed streets of legends lack of parking lots, as i wanted one for the front of my storage unit, i decided to make my own, i printed 2 asphalt tiles and cut out all the pieces i wanted from the streets of Mayhem parking lot edged them with a black marker and glued them to the asphalt tiles

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stuffit Storage

Hello guys,so i finished the storage unit, it took a lot longer than i thought .We got our first family car last week, so most nights were spent out driving around the town, i put a few hours in in the last few mornings and finished up. I hope you like it. Classic 80s arcade is the next one, i think

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Cape

Here,s my first real card structure, its the Cape from Stoelzel's Structure's, i all so used some stuff from various World Works Games kits, the base is mounting board and the walls are foam core. I think my next project will be Stoelzel's Structure's Storage Units and then another Cape house as i want about 4 of them, so ill stagger them between other projects to avoid getting board. im all so working on a large Prison Cell Block, but that project has stoped as my printer wont print on film and i need a lot for the cells, i will finish it when i get a better printer after christmas

Friday, November 9, 2012

Card Terrain

Hey Everyone, sorry i have not being posting much over the last few months, life seemed to get in the way of the hobby, i moved from my house to an apartment so i had to give up my man cave/shed, but i am starting to do some stuff now,  heres some pics of card terrain i made over the last few days, its all from world works games and is mounted on heavy card, im all so working on some other pieces . so more to come soon, thanks