Monday, October 24, 2011

Bus N Truck

Another trip to TK Maxx, this time i picked up a city bus and Cargo truck and fork lift, so i will have to make some kind of warehouse, i will draw up plans tonight. They have lots more goodies on their shelfs, i only wish i could afford to buy it all.

I cut out the distributin centre sign, to use on my warehouse

I only wish i could remove the roof to play inside

The side of the truck opens and closes


  1. Very nice find. That Cargo loader looks great! The side opens too plus look at all those crates how much?

  2. @brummie- ten euros each mate, about 6-7 pound in the uk, you guys all ways get a better deal than us poor souls in the rip off republic;-)

  3. Cheers will have to go see if I can get one over here