Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Machinas Truck WIP

Here's my truck for machinas, i used straws and a canon from flames of war for the weapons, and this is the first time i used green stuff


  1. Not much room for passengers :-) . Looks good.

  2. Nice, and passengers are just competition for resources.

  3. Great PA vehicle in the making

  4. This looks great. Uhm, stupid question but what is "machinas". Vehicular combat game?

    1. its a new rule set from 2 hour war games, its post apoc racing, kinda like the movie death race :-)

  5. So cute! It's just like a tank in the World of Tanks game. You sure have a passion in that field keep it up who knows you may become a soldier someday if you work hard. montacargas colombia


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