Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1/72 Plastic

 Heres some nice 1/72 sets I want to pick up most are from Caesar I like their stuff, very little flash and no sprue so not much prep work, and their stuff looks fantastic. Some of the minis could be converted, plastic is very easy to work with, I can use metal zombies in 1/72, I just wish Caesar or some company would do a few modern zed sets, I think they would prove popular and open up a whole new market for their modern sets.

I like the guy with the bow
Great set for swat teams
Great set for conversions, base ball bats and nice heads
Another conversion set, I will need some swords


  1. Counter-terrorist forces use bows :-) ?

    My son has a box of the US Elite Force. They're not bad miniatures, but I really don't like soft plastic myself :-( .

  2. I sometimes wish I had gone 20mm instead of 15mm modern, damn more choice!

  3. Those are definitely some pretty cool sets with some really good variety

  4. It's amazing that such good figures could easily slip by without being noticed and without sprues ! Times have indeed changed