Monday, May 12, 2014

Pick Ups

I picked up two new cars today a  70 Chevelle SS Wagon and a 81 De lorean DMC-12, I was looking for De Lorean for sometime, I love the whole history surrounding the car, both cost 1 Euro 49 Cent each in Deals.
I love this film


  1. Sweet find. Will it be able to hover in your games though?

    1. lol,god no, its more the history of the factory and the Irish connection, rather than the BTTF movies, but now you put it in my head, it would be cool to do some BTTF games with Pulp Alley

  2. Station wagon = classic! I do like the smaller scales for the availability of such vehicles.

  3. Nice finds! You can't beat Hotwheels for the variety they have. I have a collection of their muscle cars, not for gaming, just cos they're kinda cool

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