Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dave Graffam ruines

Here's my low ruin and ruined tower from Dave Graffam, I made them for my Irish Civil war project in 20mm but they can be used for ATZ and across the dead earth, both models are based on card stock, the low ruin has an inside wall added from said kit and broken furniture from the corner ruin set, the chimney is from the long house ruin set, both models were fast and easy to put together. about 5 days of an hour or so each night.


  1. All good stuff, very useful and the bits of debris makes them look all the better.

  2. It's always difficult for me to decide how to model a ruin. For realism, there should be lots of tangled debris, but not really much for playability. These look very useful, though I'm not completely convinced by the way Mr. Graffam has "ruined" the buildings.

    1. Yeah I think you have a point, I want to make some rubble piles that can be placed in the ruins and removed if they hinder play, they can block line of sight.and be used as cover

  3. Those look superb, and very playable too, might have to check them out

  4. I love Dave Graffam's ruined buildings. They are very usable for loads of genres.